Instructions on How to Use the AMAC® Forum
(AMAC® Bulletin Board)
STOP! Before proceeding any further, please print this page out for your reference as you will be directed to different sites and will need to refer back to these instructions.

Please NOTE: These instructions are intended for an AMAC® Bulletin Board Subscriber.  If you purchased the ROCC® Solid Newsletter, please click HERE for the ROCC® Solid Forum Instructions.

Forum Navigation

Welcome to the AMAC® forum.  Before you jump in to asking and answering questions you should familiarize yourself with the structure of the forum and know what each button does.  The first part of these instructions will do just that.  If you are already familiar with the forum tabs and wish to go ahead and learn to create a topic or respond to a post click HERE

STEP 1: Getting to Know the Forum Tabs

If you have not already logged in with the username and password you created during registration, please do so at this time by clicking HERE 

Now that you are logged in you will see a series of 5 tabs at the top of the page that say, "Forums", "Daily posts", "Users", "My board", and "Help".  This next section will go into detail of what each button is and does.

Forums - This link will take you to the page where you may select between AMAC's two forums, AMAC® Bulletin Board, and ROCC® Solid

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Daily posts - 
Clicking here will take you to a page where you can see posts that have been made publicly viewable to users.  You may also filter these results by clicking on days in the calendar to the right.

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Users -
Clicking here will take you to a page where you can click on different links that will filter users by Newest, Most recent online, Most hours online, etc. 

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My board -
Clicking here will take you to a page where you will see many links that contain settings for your forum account.  Some of these links include, Posts, Bookmarks, Messages, etc.

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Help -
Clicking on this will take you to a help section page where different Frequently Asked Questions are answered. 

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Forum Topics

Create a topic

Creating a topic and responding to a post is now as easy as creating an email.  All topics and posts are located inside both forums, so if you have not already done so please navigate to the Forums tab and then click on AMAC® Bulletin Board

Once you are inside the AMAC® Bulletin Board you will see all of the topics for this forum.  These topics are arranged by date, so the most recently created topics or the most recently responded to topics are listed at the top. 

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As you can see topics are listed by most recent reply or creation date and older topics that have not been replied to are further down in the list.  Before you create a topic, there are two choices of topics to choose from.  You have, Discussion and Question.  If you are wanting to ask a question, simply click Question.  If you are wanting to discuss, comment about, or inform everyone of something simply click Discussion

Once you have reached the discussion/question creation page, simply type in a title of your choice for "Topic:" (that pertains to your question/discussion) and ask the question, or start the discussion in the "Question:" or "Text:"

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Once you are done with your comment/question click on "Post".  This will post your topic on the forum and you will be able to see it at the top of the list. 

STEP 3: Reply to a Topic

Congratulations on creating your first topic!  You are now ready to reply to posts and topics.  To do this you will want to click on the topic you wish to reply to.  Now before you reply, you have two options when relying.  You may either, reply to the original question or comment, or you may reply to another post.  Once you reach the page you will see a series of links above the first post that say, "Reply", "Printable", "Threaded", "Larger", "Smaller".  This reply link above the first post will allow you to reply to the original question or comment.  To reply to an existing posts later in the conversation, there is another "Reply" link inside each post's box as seen here...

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To reply to the original message or another posts simply click Reply.  This will take you to a similar page as the topic creation page where you will enter what you wish to say and click Post

Once you click post, your reply post will be located at the bottom of all previous posts.  If you do not see your post after you have clicked Post, your post is most likely on a different page.  To go to the next page simply click "Next" in the bottom right hand corner of the page. 

Congratulations, you now know how to reply to posts and topics!

                                                                              Enjoy the AMAC® Forums!